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La Belgique

After the sheep-coal mines-furnaces-ron miles weekend, we headed to Brussels, our first official destination out of Britain. We stayed at Hostel Bruegul, which was quite comfortable, but we were hardly there except to maybe sleep.

First day in Brussels, we visited the very pretty town of Bruges and had the entire day to ourselves. We had rented bikes to make things more fun. Bruges is a cosy little tourist town with beautiful architecture and horse-driven cnhariots, small little shops (with wafffles!) everywhere and numerous grand squares where time simply stops. Many of use relaxed in Bar 2b till it was finally time to leave, and some of us biked on bike trails that ran on the borders of the city.

Second day in Bruges – We went for the European Commission information session, and learnt about the working of the European Union and its goals for the future. After that, we were free to explore Brussels and in the evening most of us watched Inception, the movie that I’ve heard so much about and can’t wait to watch.

Third day in Bruges – We had a tour of the city of Ypres, a place that was involved in two world wars. Our guide was a retired British military officer now living in Belgium, but he was really passionate about the dynamics of the wars and how it had affected the town of Ypres. We visited a British cemetary, also the place where John McCrae wrote ‘In Flanders Fields’, and the German cemetary, which existed after Germany lost but refused to take back its dead. We also visited the war museum, that had preserved trenches and many souveniers from the wars (and many cats). It was an interesting day and made me write something about soldiers.


They left home in the spirit of adventure,
Mere boys, looking for a grander feeling,
Than simple boyish games can lend.

They left with a sparkling patriotic pride,
Brighter than the hearts of most men,
Flush with dreams of women and medals.

They left in hoards and masses,
In trucks and on foot.

In the rain of shells, and puddles of dirt,
Adventures were had.


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It was too exciting to be put in words. A gist of it:

Cambridge, Platform 9 ¾, Wimbledon, 17 people without tents, Indian Food, soccer, angry birds, getting ice’d, kings, cold shivering night, 4 o’clock wake-up call, Tom (the brit kid), long long bathroom lines, 2 hours wait in the line, Court No. 1, Maria Sharapova and back to Cambridge.

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Nothing beats eating cold canned soup with vinger flavored Walkers on a Thursday night. Unfortunately, second floor on Girton is devoid of any utensils, a microwave and a properly working stove at late hours of night. After trying every possible kitchen on 1st and 2nd floors, in desperation, I almost poured my soup in the electric kettle (don’t worry I didn’t).  Tomorrow most of us are going to watch Wimbledon; watch being the keyword. It involves a night of camping out, waiting forever in the line and then (hopefully) getting a spot in center court! Evan is looking into hostels and Captain a.k.a David is working through the travel plans! Michael, Wookie and Austin left for Scotland today. The rest of the ‘gang’ is headed out to watch Wimbledon!

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Trip to East Anglia!

We started our wonderful day by trip to the American Memorial near Ely. Janet was pretty pumped to start the day and told us about some brave american soldiers and their name-carving on the wall. Then we headed out for the Cathedral at Ely. Ely Cathedral, built in 1109, was created by Etheldreda. She was a pretty chaste women in Janet’s words as ‘it is hard to be married twice and still be untouched”. The Cathedral had beautiful architecture which was supported by oak trees (which tend to get stronger as they get older). We got the chance to go to the top of the Tower there and get to see the architecture closely. Afterwards, we went to see the smallest pub in England (with a dead cat hanging from the ceiling) and some crooked houses in Lavenham (where Godric’s Hollow is being shot for Harry Potter 7). The day ended nicely with United States topping the table in World Cup and delicious cream tea. Note: cream tea is tea with scones (pronouced ‘correctly’ as schawns), jam, butter and cream!

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We started our first day in London by cruising River Thames and visiting the Maritime Museum. After taking a quick quiz on Harrison’s clock’s, we got the chance to see H4 by Harrison (wasn’t much like what I thought or described in the quiz). The next day we all went to the British Museum and everyone was mesmerized by the Buddha statues in the museum. It was a beautiful day so I decided to explore Hyde Park, The rose garden, Archilles Statue and Speaker’s point. Later, I went to Soho Square and Cambridge Circus. I would say Cambridge Circus and Soho Square are one of the most busiest places in London. Same day, Linnea and party decided to go to Camden market.

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Welcome to London!

After Hauling our luggage from Airport to Gloucester Station, most of us (except Ted and Aman) reached safely to 7 Brechin Place. I must say it was not very fun to take  bags weighing 45 lbs up 4 flights of narrow stairs. It was nice to go out to Dim T’s for dinner and get to eat some oriental chinese cuisine. The question of the day remained was: ‘How do you cross your arms?’ On our table, it was mostly a consensus that one arms rests on the other. The second table was disputed as some totally rolled their arms in, while Kay was the outlier with a completely different style!

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